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Fast Track Cyprus Title deeds

Help Save Cyprus!

If like us you're concerend about Cyprus in general, and specifically about the Cypriot property market, please take some to time to help us make a difference.

The Problem:

1. Cyprus is experiencing financial difficulties so needs additional revenue and incentives for growth.

2. The Cyprus property market has stalled.

3. There is a substantial back-log of title deed applications caused by inefficient processes at the Land Registry, leading to a lack of confidence in the property market at a time when it least needs it.


Possible Solution:

1. Introduce a premium fast-track title deed at a reasonable cost for those who require and can afford to pay for an expedited service.

2. Those who do not want a fast-track service can continue to wait as usual.


Potential Outcomes:

1. Additional revenues to the Government from a premium service.

2. Expedited revenues to the Goverment from the transfer taxes that are paid upon title deed issuance.

3. Restoration of confidence in the Cypriot market should lead to increased demand, increased local spending, more employment and economic growth.

4. Domestic and international credibility will be enhanced when Cyprus demonstartes that she is dealing with her issues. 


Way Forward:

We believe that an expedited service can only have a positive impact on Cyprus. We do understand the sensitivities that the stakeholders of the existing regime may have but we do believe that they should consider the bigger picture and help make Cyprus a better place for the immediate and future generations. 

If we gain enough support we intend to lobby the media, local and nation politicians and Ministers, Ambassors, the President, and the EU commission.


Call to Action:

We love Cyprus and really want to make a difference, so if you agree with the ideas above please sign our petition.



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